How do I feature my ad

How to get your ads get featured in crazy listing?

Top Ads which appear in a section at the top of a category's page for several days. More people read and reply to these Ads because of their prominent position on top of category listings over a long time period. While posting Ads on the site is free, making it a Top Ad costs a small fee.

There are few different options available to advertise your listing or advertise to get lots of customers for
your business.

Normal listing: create project or listing in bazzar are free.

EMERALD : Your advertising image will be displayed on our image gallery and be seen by thousands people
$4.00 for 14 days

RUBY : Your Ad will be highlighted and mark as urgent+on top of search result.
$3.00 for 14 days

SAPPHIRE: Your Ad will be highlighted and mark as urgent!
$2.00 for 14 days

Tv: Your Ad will be seen in the tv frame in the left or right hand side of website.
TV ad cab be shown in 3 different sections :
home: ad will be shown in the home page ($4.00 for 14 days).
all categories: ad will be shown in all categories ($3.00 for 14 days).
one category: ad will be shown in one category of your choice ($2.00 for 14 days).


How to place banner advertising in crazy listing?

We have few different size banner advertising . you can view the size and price by going

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